crew runner tom


I used to be a real gym lover before I moved to Switzerland. Becoming part of a running crew was a new experience for me and even 10km seemed like a long distance in the beginning.


After spending many weekends in the mountains I have expanded my running range, but my heart still beats for the short distances, and even more for the crew vibes afterwards.

crew runner antonia


I am a huge triathlon fan and spend a lot of time training for races and events. This can get a little boring when you always train alone, and so I love running with my friends all over Zürich, be it along the Limmat or on Uetliberg.


I look forward to meeting many more fellow runners and also to having a Pizza together after the run.

crew runner sebastian


Not even five years ago, I weighed many kilos more than now. I needed to lose weight, but getting out by myself seemed like such a hard thing to do. I wished for a running crew that would allow me to join even at the beginning of my fitness journey.


Now, many years later, I decided to create such a forum to give others the possibilities to become a runner surrounded by a supportive crew.

crew runner simone


I used to be a passionate mountaineer and trail runner until I had to have knee surgery. Suddenly, even 5km felt like an impossible distance. I needed all the help from my friends to pick myself up and accept that hiking was a valuable option as well, and that running 5km with friends can still be a great evening.


Whatever your situation and fitness level is, I encourage you to come run with us.

crew runner noah


My childhood friends prefer watching sports over doing them, and so I was looking for new friends to share my love for running with. Through the trail-maniacs I found many friends not just to run with, but to spend weekends in the mountains with as well.


I look forward to giving the opportunity to feel part of a running community to everyone, not just trail runners.

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